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Nasal Revision Surgery

An artist and a surgeon

Secondary, or revision (nose reshaping), rhinoplasty is a highly technical surgical procedure that restores nasal shape and function when these have been damaged from trauma or previous surgery. Revision nasal surgery requires the highest degree of skill and experience, because scar tissue is more difficult to work with than original tissue, and anatomical structures have been altered or destroyed during the original surgery.

An accomplished sculptor, Dr. O'Daniel combines those talents with his extraordinary abilities as a surgeon to bring both those essential skills to nasal revision surgery. Because of his board certification in Plastic Surgery as well as Otolaryngology - Head and Neck surgery, he is routinely asked to correct these secondary problems. About 25 percent of Dr. O'Daniel's rhinoplasties performed each year are revision rhinoplasties. Using an open rhinoplasty technique, Dr O’Daniel uses the patient's own cartilage and bone to reconstruct the nose after a suboptimal nasal surgery.

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