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Revisional Facelift

When normal aging catches up with a patient after their first facelift or when there is deformity or “facelift stigmata” from a previous operation, individuals often decide to have another facelift.

Greater overall skill level is required to perform a successful natural appearing second, or even third, facelift surgery - because scar tissue is more difficult to work with than original tissue, original anatomical "landmarks" have been altered, and the original surgical deformity may need to be corrected.

Satisfactory outcomes are achieved with a combination of fat grafting, repositioning the fat, muscle and skin, as well as improving the quality of the original scars and normalizing the distorted ears and ear lobes.

"A person's face is their daily 'billboard' to the world. Our face is the first impression made to acquaintances and strangers alike. Are you presenting the type of impression you desire? If you're the least bit unsure, I'm here to provide reliable and attainable answers."