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In 1996 Dr. O’Daniel adopted the technique developed by fat transplant pioneer Dr. Sidney Coleman. Dr. O’Daniel has now followed patients for 15 years that show the survival of the initial fat injections. Though the results can be unpredictable, Dr. O’Daniel has seen consistent improvement based on a strict adherence to the technique used in the harvest and injection of fat.

The body’s own fat makes an excellent filler material to help restore lost facial volume and diminish wrinkles, creases and depressions. It can plump up creased and sunken areas of the face, add fullness to the lips and cheeks, and improve texture of the skin. There is abundant evidence now that shows the presence of stem cells in the fat which has a “restorative affect” on the tissue it is injected to. Using a small needle, Dr. O’Daniel “harvests” the fat from the patient’s abdomen, buttocks or thighs, processes it to remove excess fluids, then injects it in multiple thin strands into the treatment area.

There is a greater potential for longer-lasting results since the fat is taken from the patient’s own body. Benefit duration depends on several factors. First, and of paramount importance, is the individual surgeon’s experience and skill, since sculpting the face with fat injections is highly technique-specific. Additionally, the area of the face being injected will impact retention or loss of fat, as will overall loss or gain of body fat. The procedure may be repeated at intervals to retain the youthful look, although many of Dr. O’Daniel’s patients still have excellent retention of fat injections after 15 years.

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