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Facelift surgery is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery performed today. It enables patients to achieve a youthful appearance and get rid of deep lines and wrinkles.

Dr O’Daniel recently performed facelift surgery on a patient who he has known for around 30 years. Denise is a dermatologist from Louisville who first met Dr O’Daniel when he was a medical student. Over the years, Denise has recommended many of her patients to Dr O’Daniel, including her daughter, who went to him for rhinoplasty after breaking her nose.

Recently Denise decided that she wanted to get a tummy tuck after losing a significant amount of weight and so scheduled a consultation with Dr O’Daniel. At her consultation, Denise discussed her situation with Dr O’Daniel and after doing an assessment, he informed her that the weight loss had affected her face as well as her body and recommended a facelift in addition to the tummy tuck.

The facelift was performed first. Following the procedure, Denise had very mild symptoms and experienced no nausea from the anaesthetic although she still made sure to have somebody with her for the first night. After 5 days the swelling had reduced to the point that she no longer needed to take medication for it and by day 10, she was able to return to work.

Denise had her tummy tuck surgery roughly one year after her facelift. The surgery took approximately 4 hours to perform. Although Denise did suffer some pain in the days following her surgery, she found that by day 5 it had subsided and she no longer needed pain medication and was back to work by day 10.

As a dermatologist, Denise was familiar with many different plastic surgeons but decided on Dr O’Daniel and was very glad that she did. Denise continues to recommend patients to Dr O’Daniel for all types of surgery.

He can watch Denise tell her story here.

If you want more information on tummy tuck surgery or facelifts then click here to visit Dr O’Daniel’s website.

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