Thigh Lift

Long, Lean Legs

Real Patient Testimonial

“I was as always very happy with my experience. The results were as good or better than I expected.”

– Thigh Lift Patient

Thigh Lift

Regain the contours of youth. Over time, the skin of the inner and outer thigh loses tone, causing the skin to sag or lose the smooth, taut appearance of youth. Weight loss can exacerbate this loss of tone. Fatty deposits also tend to accumulate in the thighs, and can be resistant to exercise.

Dr. O’Daniel can improve the contour of the thighs by removing excess fat and skin from inner or outer thigh, or both. Dr. O’Daniel may combine the lift procedure with liposuction, and he frequently performs the outer thigh lift as part of a body lift. The scars are well hidden by most underwear and bikini swimsuits.


Real Patients, Real Results

“Who doesn’t want to look their best? Our bodies are a representation of who we are, what we do, and how we live our lives. Life’s demands can, over time, leave our bodies needing a ‘pick-me-up’ of sorts. When that time comes, my years of experience can help realign inner desires with an outer appearance that instills confidence and pride.”