Actual Patient Case Study

Real People, Real Results


  • Age: mid 60's
  • Gender: Male
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: Undisclosed
  • Weight: Undisclosed

Case Description

Secondary Revision Facelift with Fat Injection to Correct Deformities from Previous Facelift Performed Elsewhere

Procedures Details

This gentleman had a facelift procedure elsewhere to address the laxity in his neck. A skin only type of procedure was performed with minimal improvement in his central neck. In addition he was left with noticeable scarring and a stretched looking jaw line.

We achieved improvement in his facial appearance with a facelift that addressed the deeper layers of his face directly tightening the neck muscles and lifting the midface in a vertical direction. Fat injections restored the lost volume in his midface and peri-orbital areas. The previous scars were hidden around his ears.