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Shawne presented in 2008 with concerns related to her eyelids and her neck. She was experiencing heaviness in her eyelids that was causing her to lift her eyebrow in an asymmetrical fashion. In addition, Shawne didn’t like the frown lines or the laxity of her neck and lower face.

The photos show Shawne five years after we sculpted the upper eyelids, and removed her corrugator muscles, resulting in a nice upper eyelid crease and a symmetrical brow position. Her neck and lower face were improved with a sub-SMAS facelift and an open approach to her neck muscles.

A few years later we improved the quality of Shawne’s skin with a fractionated eCO2 laser resurfacing procedure.

Shawne has been a pleasure to work with over the years. We see her on a long term basis despite the fact she resides in Florida. Shawne represents an ever-growing percentage of our practice – patients that travel from out of state for our services.

There is much to be said about Dr. O’Daniel’s artistic approach to plastic surgery. It is an art form. What I appreciate most about Jerry is the time taken to compliment favorable characteristics his patients already embody. From there, Dr. O’Daniel outlines a thorough approach on how to further enhance the natural beauty that already exists both inside and out. It’s a craft, a trade, well beyond just the medical component…one that Dr. O’Daniel has a unique eye for. Without question, Dr. O’Daniel is truly an artist first, and a doctor second.

While Louisville will always be “home,” my husband and I now permanently reside out of state. A true testament to the work of
Dr. O’Daniel are the frequent conversations I have with friends here in Florida who graciously compliment “how wonderful I look,” and subsequently ask where I go to maintain such a fresh and youthful appearance. Sharing that I’ve traveled to Louisville since 2008 as a proud patient of Dr. O’Daniel adds another dimension to such conversations, not just because of the distance, but because Dr. O’Daniel and team are like family…I love ’em all. “el.”


  • Age: 45-65
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Height: Undisclosed
  • Weight: Undisclosed

Case Description

Neck Lift, eCO2 Laser Resurfacing And Blepharoplasty

Procedures Details

Neck Lift, eCO2 Laser Resurfacing And Blepharoplasty


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