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When the signs of aging start to show, self confidence and self-esteem can be affected. However, not everybody is comfortable with the idea of fillers being injected into their skin. Chemical peels provide an alternative to facial fillers and involve a less invasive treatment.

What is a chemical peel?
A chemical peel is the process of applying a chemical solution to the skin- most commonly on the face. The chemical peels off the top layer of skin, revealing fresh skin underneath. In most cases, the skin revealed appears more youthful and smoother than the peeled layer.

What are the four types of chemical peel?

There are four different types of chemical peel. These include:

  1. Jessner Chemical Peel
    The Jessner chemical peel a medium depth chemical peel that consists of a variety of peeling agents that are suitable for all skin types. This type of chemical peel is used to reduce the appearance of large pores, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and counteract hyperpigmentation.
    Made from a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, this peel breaks down the dead skin cells and encourages the skin to peel naturally for several days after the treatment.
  2. Jessner Lite Peel
    The Jessner lite chemical peel follows the same principles as the Jessner peel but is gentler on the skin. This peel is better for people with skin that only has slight damage and aims to reduce fine lines and sun damage.
  3. Lactic Acid Peel
    Lactic acid is derived from sour milk, making the lactic acid chemical peel one of the gentlest peels available. It targets fine lines and wrinkles and is known to help the skin maintain its ideal level of PH.Perfect for individuals with sensitive skin, this type of peel leaves skin looking and feeling smoother and more toned.
  4. Salicylic Peel
    Salicylic peels are specifically used to target oily and acne prone skin instead of fine lines and wrinkles. They focus on reducing the amount of oil in the skin, in turn, preventing breakouts.

How is a chemical peel performed?
The skin must be completely clean and product free before a chemical peel can be applied. With a brush or sponge, the peel is then applied generously but evenly to the skin.

After a few days, the skin will begin to peel. This will cause your face to appear temporarily patchy but will even out when all of the skin has peeled away.

What type of peel will I need?
Chemical peels come in 3 strengths: light, medium and deep.

Light peels only remove the top layer of skin and are the mildest form of chemical peels. Best for people with sensitive skin or for those that have never had a chemical peel before, light peels provide a brighter and more even skin tone.

Medium depth peels penetrate deeper into the skin and are used to target sun damage, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles.

Used to reverse major sun damage and deep lines and wrinkles, a deep peel penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin.

The type of peel that you need will be determined by the issues with your skin that you are trying to resolve, taking into consideration the current condition of your skin.

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