Pamper Yourself

The procedure is perfect for those who want to even out their complexion without the hassle of downtime. It gives you the clearest and cleanest complexion of your life!

The derma blade hair removal procedure is an anti-aging skin care treatment – without the use of chemicals. It is a highly effective manual exfoliation technique that removes surface debris with a sterile, surgical scalpel (Dermaplaning blade). Our team uses the scalpel while holding the skin taut, swiping the blade in gentle upward motions to gently “shave” the skin’s surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin. The added bonus is the removal of the fine, vellus hair (aka peach fuzz), which makes the skin feels smoother. It does not cause trauma to the skin and can be performed every 3 to 4 weeks. There is typically no downtime for this procedure.

Real Patients, Real Results

“Skin is our body’s armor against life’s daily grind. Taking the proper steps to ensure that armor is not only primed for performance, but also looking its best, is where my team excels. Consider us your around-the-clock body guards.”