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One of the signs of aging that people feel most self-conscious about is loose neck skin; or jowls. Loose skin around the neck can often be the result of having been excessively overweight but in many cases it’s simply down to genetics or as a result of aging.

When it comes to treating loose neck skin effectively, there are several options. These include –

Neck lift

Neck rejuvenation, or a ‘neck lift’, is an extremely effective way to treat jowls and get rid of loose skin in this area. A neck lift is typically performed by incisions being made behind the ears and underneath the chin so the skin can be pulled up to get rid of the sagging areas.

A neck lift is usually performed under mild sedation and fat injections are used to restore volume to the cheeks, eyes and mouth to ensure that most natural looking results possible.


Liposuction is often thought of as a body, rather than face treatment but it can be used to very effectively treat loose neck skin. Liposuction get rid of the excess fat in the area by sucking it out.

Liposuction is very often combined with a neck lift in order to smooth out the areas that are treated during that procedure.


Kybella is an inject-able treatment that’s used to destroy fat cells under the chin. It’s become very popular among patients who want to get rid of their jowls but don’t want to opt for a neck lift or liposuction.

Kybella usually requires 2-4 treatments, which are performed over a series of months, in order to be effective.

The best course of treatment to get rid of loose neck skin will depend on the patient and the cause of their loose skin. For some patients, Kybella is ideal whereas others who have more severe sagging skin that affects both the face and neck, would benefit best from a lower facelift or neck lift.

Dr O’Daniel has successfully treated loose neck skin on countless patients from across the country. His face and neck work is renowned and many patients travel a great distance to benefit from Dr O’Daniels’ expertise.

If you’d like more information on available treatments or to book a consultation please feel free to get in touch.

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