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If you’re considering rhinoplasty surgery then it’s important that you’re well-informed about each part of the process so you can make an informed decision. In the first part of this guide we looked at what issues rhinoplasty can be used to correct and how to decide if it’s right for you. Now we’re going to cover exactly how rhinoplasty is performed.

Achieving the desired result

Rhinoplasty can be performed in a few different ways. The technique used will usually depend on the patient, what it is they want to achieve and the preference of the surgeon performing the rhinoplasty.

If the aim of the surgery is to alter the tip of the nose then the incisions are usually made at the columella so the tip can be re-shaped as the surgeon sees fit. If the purpose of the rhinoplasty surgery is to narrow the nostrils then the incisions will often be made at the points where the nostrils meet the face. This allows the surgeon to narrow the nostrils to the degree the patient desires and ensure that the scars are minimal and not visible in most circumstances.

If the bridge of the nose needs to be thinned then this is achieved by precisely breaking it using a tool called an osteotome. Once the bones are broken as required, they can then be put together in order to form a narrower bridge. A similar method is used for widening the bridge although the bones are now moved together in this case. It’s important to note that although you might feel some pressure, there will not be any pain while this is occurring.

After any reshaping is completed, the incisions are then sutured and the nose is taped and a protective cast is applied in order to protect it.

Book a consultation

If you’re interested in rhinoplasty then the first step is to book a consultation. Dr O’Daniel is renowned for his facial work, particularly performing rhinoplasty. He has successfully performed the surgery on countless patients of all ages and ethnicities.

Get in touch now and we can book a consultation at a time that’s convenient for you.

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