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Neck lifts have become very popular in recent years since they provide a way for people who have unwanted excess skin below their chin to achieve a more aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Dr O’Daniel recently performed a very successful neck lift on a 70 year old patient, David Self.

David was referred to Dr O’Daniel by a training surgeon and decided to have a consultation with him after noticing that he’d developed loose skin below his chin. David had previously had a consultation with another surgeon but unfortunately it was not a positive experience and found him to be arrogant and only interested in money.

When David had his consultation with Dr O’Daniel however, he found Dr O’Daniel’s clear passion for his work refreshing. David decided to go through with the procedure and was extremely pleased with the results; so much so that he also recommended Dr O’Daniel to his wife and other friends and family.

Something that David was very surprised about was that in the days following his surgery, Dr O’Daniel came to visit him at his home to see how the recovery was going. After the first few days, the bandages were removed and David was able to return to work within 4-5 days.

As is so often the case with Dr O’Daniel’s patients – David’s friends and family were not able to pinpoint that he’d had surgery done but simply noticed that he looked better. This is because the results Dr O’Daniel achieves are extremely natural-looking and don’t come with the stretched look that patients often dread.

David has been extremely happy with the results of his surgery was pleased with his decision to go with Dr O’Daniel.

If you’d like to hear David tell his story in person, then check this video series out.

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