Annette Juhl


I was first introduced to Annette at our gym a number of years ago, and her commitment to fitness and wellness was obvious. Annette would periodically mention flirtations with non-invasive aesthetic procedures such as fillers and neuromodulators. When she came to us for a formal consultation, we reviewed photos dating back to her youth and the physical changes that have occurred over time. We devised a comprehensive plan that would give her the best restorative benefits of surgical intervention, combined with the ongoing maintenance of non-surgical procedures.

Annette’s experience exemplifies the cornerstone of our patient-centric mission statement. Annette isn’t just “another consumer” who comes to us for a procedure, then moves on to the next offering. Annette has become part of our family of clients who trust us in their lifelong pursuit of beauty and wellness. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly and work hard every day to earn. That said, we couldn’t be more flattered that Annette’s trust and appreciation of our efforts keep bringing her back over 1,000 miles for continued maintenance care.

My initial referral to Dr. O’Daniel came by way of my personal trainer and others who spoke highly of both his reputation and skill set. There exists a comfort level with Dr. O’Daniel and his staff that stems from his reputation that is fully as described. A relationship built with such confidence in Dr. O’Daniel’s judgment and expertise that I’d go so far as to schedule any next procedure without a pre-op consult. I have the highest praise for the entire Louisville Plastic Surgery team. And while words like “exceptional” and “professional” go without saying, the friendships since developed have become just as important to me.

Much has changed personally since my initial consult with Dr. O’Daniel, and I once again call Austin, Texas home. One might think the distance between Louisville and Austin of 1,000+ miles and multiple states would prompt me to find a new cosmetic surgeon. Well, they’d be wrong. In fact, I’ve been told three plastic surgeons are members of my current gym and I’ve not even entertained the thought of a consult with them (or anyone else for that matter). There’s no way I’d go regardless! The relationships built, and confidence felt, for Jerry and his team confirm they are the ones I trust implicitly…no matter the distance.

Real Patients, Real Results

“Each day, we strive to deliver a patient-centric mission second to none…regardless of distance. Annette’s long-standing relationship and trust in our team, even though she now calls Texas home, exemplifies said mission for all our clientele near and far.”