Mary Fox


Mary presented with concerns related to her face after previous facial surgery elsewhere. Mary felt she had a harsh quality, and the outcome of her previous surgery did not quite meet her expectations. We felt her mid-brow was a bit over-elevated, her mid-face flat, she was exhibiting lateral sweep and her neck still had laxity.

We addressed Mary’s concerns by performing a sub-SMAS facelift to lift her cheek fat pad into a more aesthetic position. We did an open neck lift to create a pleasing neck and jaw line. The brow lift was reversed as much as possible. The result of lifting the deep layers of fat was to release the tension on her ears, which improved the scars and reversed the pulled look on the oblique view.

Dr. O’Daniel has legions of satisfied clientele, many of whom are personal friends and peers. The incredibly positive word of mouth they provided about their experiences spoke volumes about Louisville Plastic Surgery and team. From the very moment my initial consultation began, Jerry immediately put any concerns to rest with his explanation of the risks and benefits for the procedures sought. The time taken to listen and engage were impressive. Dr. O’Daniel, his surgical staff and the results were all so spot-on, I now proudly include myself among the same set of satisfied clients that speak so highly of him.

A funny and related side story. As with most vacations typically planned well in advance, my husband and I had a cruise planned within two weeks of my time with Dr. O’Daniel. My post-procedure visits all went so incredibly smoothly, and the recovery and healing so phenomenal, that we kept our planned vacation. Adding levity, Dr. O’Daniel recommended I be treated like the princess I am and to enjoy the time together. My husband took care of all of the luggage because I couldn’t lift anything, and I slept elevated with lots of pillows. It was fair trade for the delight my husband had telling everyone on that cruise he was with his “young wife.” All courtesy of, and with full credit to, Dr. Jerry O’Daniel.

Real Patients, Real Results

“Mary was not upset with her previous facelift but felt her look could be refined. Certainly the outcome of her first surgery was reasonable, but with a more aggressive surgical approach, we were able to make a good surgical result better.”