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When fine lines and wrinkles start to appear and skin starts to lose elasticity some people consider procedures to help reduce these common signs of aging.

A mini facelift is one of the most popular surgical procedures performed to reverse the signs of aging.

What is a mini facelift?
A mini facelift is a surgical procedure that’s carried out by a professional surgeon. It involves removing jowls and tightening fine lines and wrinkles, which become present during the aging process, giving the face a more youthful look.

How is a mini facelift different to a full facelift?
A full facelift focuses on all areas of the face including the forehead, cheeks and jaw. The results from a full lift are more drastic than a mini face lift. Larger incisions are made than in a mini lift but the results tend to be more drastic. Full facelifts are a better option for people that have large jowls and deep wrinkles.

A mini facelift follows the same principles as a full facelift but is a less invasive procedure overall. The incisions needed to carry out the procedure are significantly smaller than those of a full facelift however, a mini lift only focuses on the lower section of the face. This type of facelift is better for people that want to tighten the appearance of their face in a more subtle way.

The Procedure
The mini facelift involves the surgeon making an incision from the front of the ears, underneath the earlobe and to the hairline behind the ear. The skin is then pulled upwards and towards the ear. Once the surgeon has got the skin in a position that accentuates your cheekbones and jawline, the skin is stitched into place and any excess tissue is removed.

It’s the technique of lifting and pulling the skin back towards the ears that removes fine lines and wrinkles.

What are the benefits of a mini facelift?

Mini facelifts come with many of their own benefits.

  1. The procedure is a lot less invasive than a full facelift and the incisions made are smaller. Due to this, swelling is kept to a minimum. This means that it takes less time to heal and recover after surgery.
  2. Because of the size of the incision used in a mini facelift, scaring is minimal. This makes them less noticeable to yourself and other people.
  3. Mini facelifts reduce the signs of aging and give the skin a younger appearance. This leaves the skin looking rejuvenated.
  4. Having great looking skin can really improve your confidence and self-esteem. A mini facelift reverses the signs of aging making you feel and look younger and giving you your confidence back.

Am I a good candidate?
If the signs of aging are starting to become noticeable, your confidence is being affected and you want to look and feel young again, a mini facelift could be the answer.

Whether you just want to remove fine lines and wrinkles or have dreamed of having jowls removed, this procedure will leave you looking and feeling great.

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