Minimal Incision Facelift

Minimal Facelift Case Studies

Mini-Facelift and Short Scar Mid-Facelift

The rising popularity of plastic surgery has attracted a growing population of younger patients seeking facial rejuvenation. The early signs of volume loss with resulting flattened cheeks and early jowl formation can be seen by age forty.

To meet the needs presented by younger patients, Dr. O’Daniel has developed a modified deep plane mini-facelift combined with micro-fat grafting that incorporates the same unique sculpting features of his full facelift, but with minimal incision. This procedure restores the lost fullness of the cheeks, reduces the heaviness of the folds around the mouth, creates a clean jaw line, and tightens the muscles of the neck, creating a younger, natural look in a face that continues to age normally.

Fat injections restore volume.  Utilizing the patient’s own fat, microinjections are used to restore lost volume in the cheeks, around the eye, and mouth.  There is the additional “stem-cell”-like affect seen with reduction of wrinkles, improved skin quality, and maintenance of the fat replacement.

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Minimal incision facelift Louisville photo gallery cover patient result for before and after surgery at Louisville plastic surgery.

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