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“Dr. O’Daniel always does amazing work and his staff is great! “

– Spectra Treatment Patient

Spectra™ laser

The Spectra™ laser is our newest addition to our practice and is used to reduce brown spots, pore size and spider veins. There is limited recovery time and it has proven to be an excellent laser to maintain youthful, healthy skin.

The Spectra™ laser also has been very successful for the removal of multi-colored tattoos and in the treatment of color-containing scars.


Case Studies

Tracey – CO2 Laser, Eye Lift And Breast Revision Patient
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Women Before And After Six Spectra Peels
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Women After Six Spectra Peels
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Spectra Laser for Sun Spots Patient 1
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“Skin is our body’s armor against life’s daily grind. Taking the proper steps to ensure that armor is not only primed for performance, but also looking its best, is where my team excels. Consider us your around-the-clock bodyguards.”