Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Carla - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Carla - After Surgery Photo

Face and Neck Lift

“His skill as an
artist and a physician
just can’t be matched.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Denise - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Denise - After Surgery Photo

Facelift, Neck lift and Tummy Tuck

“He is an excellent
surgeon, a scientist, artist,
as well as a perfectionist.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Doug - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Doug - After Surgery Photo

Brow lift, Lower face lift and Skin resurfacing

“Dr. O’Daniel has
good mannerism
and professionalism.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Tracey - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Tracey - After Surgery Photo

CO2 Laser, Eye Lift and Breast Revision

“The results, which
I didn’t think was
possible, were incredible.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Tawnia - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Tawnia - After Surgery Photo

Mini Face lift

“He’s just anamazing doctor,
but first and foremost
he’s an amazing person.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Lisa - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Lisa - After Surgery Photo

Injectables liquid face lift

“My experience
with Dr. Daniel was
really a great one.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - David - Before Surgery PhotoLouisville Plastic Surgery Patient - David - After Surgery Photo

Mini Facelift

“Dr. O’Daniel did great,
absolutely great.”

Louisville Plastic Surgery Patient - Kasey - Before Surgery Photo

Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty

“He is definitely
an artist that has
perfected his craft.”

Real Patients, Real Results

Only a handful of surgeons worldwide have the special training and artistic eye to create the most natural and beautiful plastic surgery results. Trust a team that is globally recognized for innovation and experience.
Check out our what our actual patients have to say and the real results we achieve every day.

Top 7 Uses for Sculptra

Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved, dermal injection that helps stimulate the body’s natural process to produce collagen. Collagen can be lost due to aging or other factors. The materiel used to help replace the lost collagen is poly-L-lactic acid, which is a...

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Sculptra FAQ’s – What You Need To Know

What is Sculptra? Sculptra is a dermal injection that gradually replaces lost collagen. Collagen is usually lost during the aging process. Replacing the lost collagen helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hollow areas, and bony areas on the face....

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The Fine Art of Medicine.

The Fine Art of Medicine - Louisville Plastic Surgery

Ancient classical sculptors achieved perfect balance and beauty in their human forms by applying the “golden ratio” – a combination of art and mathematics to create beautiful proportionality. Similarly, Louisville plastic surgeon Dr. Gerald O’Daniel merges his skills as a fine artist and doctor of medicine to create harmony, proportion and balance.

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