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The motivation a person has when seeking a cosmetic consultation is multifaceted, yet the process of evaluation follows a very structured approach. Our primary goal during any consultation is one of education, not one of high-pressured sales or pitches.

Our primary concern is patient safety, and the first step toward this absolute priority is determining if the patient’s general health is such that they are a candidate for a cosmetic procedure of any type. Cosmetic medicine is elective, and any contraindications for a procedure will be honestly discussed.

The most important component of a successful outcome is determining the cosmetic and lifestyle desires of a prospective client. These desires have to be realistic, and this is determined during our initial conversations. Once the motivations and desires are established, the second most important determinant in a successful outcome is our honest appraisals of our team’s own ability to meet the patient’s expectations. Absent realistic expectations, either on the patient’s or the doctor’s part, the patient will inevitably be left less than satisfied.

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