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Fascinating details as it relates to the list of influential factors in determining how a cosmetic physician is selected.  It is why my practice strives to differentiate ourselves on quality outcomes and customer experience.  —  Dr. T. Gerald O’Daniel

ARTICLE: Nearly half (45%) of all respondents in the ASDS 2015 consumer survey on cosmetic dermatologic procedures said that price influenced their decision to select a cosmetic practitioner. In fact, price ranked second on a list of the eleven most influential factors in determining which physician to select for a cosmetic procedure, up one spot from last year.

Price- the second most influential factor when selecting a cosmetic physician?

If we were buying toilet paper, then I could relate. But then again, even Charmin manages to abate the price-conscious buyers’ crusade for a bargain by differentiating its one-ply from the generic brand one-ply; and we pay more for it.

If we don’t buy so-called “obvious commodities” like toilet paper based on which brand offers the more affordable price (and we don’t), then why has price topped the list of factors influencing the selection of a cosmetic Patients for the last three years running? And what does this statistic mean for your practice?

Learn more; Full article link: 45% of Cosmetic Patients Prefer Price

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